EcoBottle will utilize its reward system to motivate users to recycle and selectively collect waste.

The main methods of rewarding will be:

I. EcoBottle Token (ECO)

Users will be rewarded with EcoBottle's native token, EcoBottle (ECO), for correctly recycling various types of waste (plastic bottles, glass bottles, or aluminum cans). These tokens can be used to purchase products and services within the platform's integrated marketplace or converted into other cryptocurrencies.

II. R2E (Recycle2Earn) System

Users can earn ECO tokens through the R2E system, which operates via Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs). When a user recycles a plastic bottle, glass bottle, or aluminum can using an EcoBottle RVM, they will receive a certain number of ECO tokens as a reward for their recycling efforts.

III. Additional Rewards through Staking

NFT and EcoBottle token holders will have the option to lock tokens in a smart contract for staking, allowing them to earn additional rewards in the form of ECO tokens. The more involved they are in recycling and waste collection, the more rewards they will receive.

IV. Referral Program

EcoBottle will implement a referral program, enabling users to invite others to join the platform. For each new referred user, existing users will receive rewards in ECO tokens.

Placement of Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs):

Strategically placing RVMs is crucial for efficient and responsible waste collection. EcoBottle will adopt a strategic approach to place RVMs in key locations with high foot traffic and where effective waste management is needed.

Main placement areas will include:

Large Shopping Malls

RVMs will be located in shopping malls with a high number of visitors to facilitate waste collection and recycling generated in these areas.

Metro and Bus Stations

Transit locations such as metro and bus stations will be chosen to ease waste collection from public transportation routes.

City Entry/Exit Points

RVMs will be placed at city entry and exit points to collect waste from road traffic.

Parks and Recreational Areas

RVMs will be available in parks and recreational areas where people spend time outdoors and can recycle waste generated during their activities.

University Campuses

Students will have access to RVMs on university campuses to encourage selective collection and recycling within academic communities.

Large Markets

Major markets will be selected to promote recycling in densely populated and transit areas.

EcoBottle will collaborate with local authorities and partners to identify suitable RVM locations, ensuring an efficient waste collection and recycling process. This approach aims to encourage active community involvement in environmental protection and promote responsible waste management practices in Romania.

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