Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a special type of cryptographic tokens that are unique and indivisible. This means that each NFT has a distinct value and cannot be replaced by another similar token. Each NFT contains unique information about its ownership or characteristics, making it ideal for representing digital or real-world assets, such as digital art, gaming collections, virtual properties, and in the case of EcoBottle, various types of recycled waste.

Within the EcoBottle project, there will be four distinct collections of NFTs:

I. Founder NFT Collection:

This is the first collection of NFTs, initially launched for supporters and investors participating in the seed stage of the project. The Founder NFT Collection will consist of 10,000 editions, distributed by rarity: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Holders will receive NFTs that confer specific benefits and rewards.

II. Plastic NFT Collection: (Token Eco)

This collection will be launched between phases 2 and 3 of the project's pre-sale and will be associated with recycling plastic bottles. Participants will have the opportunity to obtain these NFTs through purchase or active involvement in specific recycling campaigns.

III. Glass NFT Collection: (Token Eco)

This collection will be launched in phases 4 and 5 of the pre-sale and will be associated with recycling glass bottles. Similar to the Plastic NFTs, participants can acquire these NFTs through purchase or active engagement in specific recycling campaigns.

IV. Aluminum Can NFT Collection: (Token Eco)

This collection will be launched in phase 6 of the pre-sale and will be associated with recycling aluminum cans. Users can obtain NFTs from this collection through purchase or participation in dedicated recycling campaigns.

Each NFT collection will have a limited quantity and will be distributed based on rarity, with higher rarity NFTs being scarcer and more valuable, while lower rarity NFTs will be more accessible to a larger audience. The total number of NFTs available in each collection will be determined prior to the pre-sale launch.

EcoBottle tokens and associated NFTs will serve various purposes, such as pre-sales, staking for additional rewards, participation in games and competitions, or accessing benefits in the marketplace and partnerships with other companies.

All collections will follow the same structure, namely:

The Founder Collection will have a continuous token issuance, with the pools being replenished annually.

INFO Collections of NFT

The Founder Collection - an initiative equivalent to "initial capital." This special collection of NFTs is dedicated to those who supported our project in its early stages. Each NFT in this collection is a unique digital artwork, an emblem of your commitment to the environment and our mission.

These NFTs are not just images attached to non-fungible tokens, but also an entry into a world of opportunities. By owning an NFT from the Founder Collection, you join a select group of environmental enthusiasts who believed in our vision and supported it. Additionally, you gain access to significant benefits, including exclusive participation in future phases and enhanced rewards through our staking and rewards programs.

This collection represents our initial "seed," an investment in a more sustainable and conscious future. The opportunity to own these NFTs is not only about becoming part of our history but also contributing to building it.

By acquiring NFTs from the Founder Collection, you are not only investing in their intrinsic value but also contributing to our initial foundation for future projects and initiatives. We are grateful for your support and invite you to join this distinct circle of our Founders.

The essence of the Founder Collection is manifested through an innovative approach. This collection will be accompanied by a continuous token issuance, while the resource pools will be replenished annually. Through this approach, we aim to solidify our commitment to sustainable development and ensure the long-term value and importance of NFTs from the Founder Collection.

This model allows each NFT holder from the Founder Collection to continue participating in our progress and consistently benefit from associated advantages. The annual renewal of resource pools ensures these benefits are maintained fairly and consistently for each Founder.

Essentially, the Founder Collection is not just an investment in the present but also an investment in the future. The continuous token issuance and periodic resource renewal are essential pillars of our commitment to creating a sustainable community with lasting opportunities for all our Founders.

Fondator+Plastic+Glass+Aluminiu = AMBASADOR

Ambassador brings to the forefront a higher level of involvement in our mission to build a more sustainable future. We hereby recognize and reward our community's deep commitment to a cleaner and greener environment. To become an Ambassador, you must own one NFT from each previous collection. This not only symbolizes your devotion, but also your genuine connection to our mission. AMBASSADORS will receive monthly rewards from the profit generated, the recognition of a continuous involvement in building a sustainable future. Each Ambassador brings with them a deep understanding and genuine commitment. It's not just a digital token, but a tangible manifestation of your positive influence on the environment and community. We recognize those who have stepped forward, who have chosen to be more than mere observers. Ambassador is a tribute to your essential contribution, a footprint in the change towards a healthier planet. This is a call to those who believe that their involvement matters and that every gesture has an impact. Ambasador is a voluntary group of pioneers, who have recognized that change comes from concrete actions.

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